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 Spoil One Piece 663

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Caesar Tiberius

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MessageSujet: Spoil One Piece 663   Mer 11 Avr - 8:34

Cover is Saldeath and Sadie. They're now lovers. Saldeath has gotten really big.

Luffy expresses his thanks to Law; Law says it was a debt of gratitude. Luffy thanks him anyway.
Tashigi returns to normal, notices Smoker's condition and rushes to him. She sees his body and attacks Law. I think Smoker and Tashigi's bodies change places.
Law tells Luffy to turn to the back of the laboratory. What you're looking for is there. We'll probably meet again. There's something to be recovered, reciprocally (between two people. not sure which two he's talking about)." he says before vanishing into the castle.
Luffy's group runs from the Marines.
Sanji, in Nami's body, has his eyes turn into hearts. "Isn't there a camera somewhere? I've got to take a picture or something before switching back!"
Nami retorts from within Franky's body. Franky's aloha (hawaiian shirt?) is closed (buttoned up, I guess).
Franky complains about her buttoning the shirt, from within Chopper's body.
Everyone, including the children, complain about the cold. The severed head says to put a rock or a leaf or something on his head. He chants "Doron!" and coats and shoes for everyone pop out of nowhere.

The head is an ability user. He had been quiet about it until now because he liked looking at Nami's body.
The crew reunites.
Sanji, in Nami's body, peeks at himself (that is...her body). Nami, in Franky's body, punches him from behind. Luffy is surprised.
Sanji's group explains the situation.
While the explanation is going on, Sanji starts to strip.
Luffy's group laughs uproariously.
The head adheres to his lower half.
It's explained to Luffy that Law is a Shichibukai.

Smoker wakes up in Tashigi's body.
He starts smoking a cigar.
Smoker realizes that he recognized the CC mark. He's somehow living even with his heart gone.
He realizes it's the mark of Vegapunk's former colleague, the bounty-bearing Mass Slaughter Weapons Expert, scientist Caesar Crown.

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MessageSujet: Re: Spoil One Piece 663   Mer 11 Avr - 12:29

VUS sortie =>

Bonne lecture !
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Spoil One Piece 663
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